Mergen 13

Debut Album
Released July 1, 2009

Why are we afraid of number 13? It is the number of moon cycle. Moon has a huge impact on whole humanity, whole nature. One actual month consists of 28 days. Divide 365 by 28 and you’ll get 13 months, which is a full year. And this album for me was like a Cycle, a part of my life I had to get through.

A 13-track album sung in Kazakh, that belongs to Turkic language group. It has impact of Arab, Persian, Mongol and Russian languages, still distinguished by it’s own sonic power.

Released July 1, 2009

Recorded at Magic Studio, Almaty 2004-2008 and Chick Flick Studio Almaty 2007-2008

Mastered at Chick Flick Studio Almaty 2009


Sound Engineers: Nikolai Serbin, Baglan Ayazbayev, Mikhail Ivanov, Arman Boyaubayev, Michael Bondee

Arrangements by Nikolai Serbin, Baglan Ayazbayev and Akmaral Zykayeva

Musicians: Nikolai Serbin, Konstantin Zimmarin, Nodar Mashurov, Kirill Ivanov, Stanislav Chastukhin, Arman Boyaubayev, Gulnar Mussabekova, Bagym Mukhetdinova, Anastassiya Pershina, Fedor Artamonov, Alina Beisaliyeva, Ainur Aidarkulova, Asset Narmanbetov.

*Cover art and visuals by Nurlan Abishev



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