Mergen AYAN

Released November 27, 2011


Somewhere in the middle of reality and illusions, between Tengri and Earth, there lives аян. Only the power of music conducts these worlds. The music, where each song is the dream. it is the clairvoyance. It is the аян.


Released November 27, 2011

Recorded at MI studios, Hollywood, Los Angeles (USA), in 2009-2010, mixed at Mergenmusic studio, Almaty (Kazakhstan), in 2010-2011, and mastered by Metropolis studio, London (UK), in september 2011.

Recording engineers: Peter Avveduti and Akmaral Zykayeva
Mixing engineers: Baglan Ayazbayev and Akmaral Zykayeva
Sound programming: Uros Strnad and Akmaral Zykayeva

drums: Blair Shotts, guitars: Uros Strnad and Mikail Baxley, bass: Greg Jong, violin and piano: Akmaral Zykayeva, throat singing: Mazhit Rakhimov and all background vocals by Akmaral Zykayeva

*Cover picture by Samat Nurmatov and design by Zhandos Naushabayev.

Special thanks to:
Lena Baiseitova, Zhandos Naushabaev, Ruslan Sarsembayev, Albert Kao, Uros Strnad, Blair Shotts, Peter Avveduti, Greg Panciera, Eric Corne, Malik Zenger, Kairat Temirgaliyev, Laura Torres, Uto Shiroma, Mikail Baxley, Tamara Angeloz, Klara Vading, Maatyce Dion, Fernando Sanini, Claudio Tristano, Ali Nikou, Hao Li, Barbara Cohen, Alecsandro Cortini, Yerlan Kassymbekov, Samat Nurmatov, Emil Amriev.

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