Qazaq Lounge

Various Artists
Released November 23, 2013

Here is presented a pack of twelve-track relaxation gift masterfully delivered to you by diverse music professionals.

You will hear Kazakh national music treasures with a careful convoy by opera singers and ethnic ensembles, outstanding performances of school boys choir and a number of solo artists and instrumentalists, orchestrated single-handedly from the angle of an indie musician Mergen, under one unique theme, Qazaq Lounge.

Accurately avoiding the chance of damage to the original, this record is an attempt to take a modern urbanistic point of view on trusted by centuries folk songs, adorned with production that’s as sympathetic to contemporary music lovers as it is to a classic soul.



Released November 23, 2013

Special Thankyous to Rauan Kenzhehanuly for trusting and supporting the idea and charming Nurzhamal Usenbayeva for being a love muse of the project!

A big thanks to: Ethnic band Turan with all it’s amazing members, Korlan Kartenbayeva, Medet Chotabayev, Shaba Adenkulkyzy, Rustem Nurzhigit, Erlan Kassymbekov, Elmira Kashkimbayeva, Gulim Zhusipbekova, Aslan Zinedenov, Bakhytzhamal Nurgaliyeva, Bisenbek Toleubayev, Darkhan Esetov, Birzhan Sankaibayev, Zhanel Sadykova, Timur Mukhtarov, Marat Isbayev, Almas Nurbakhytov, Nartai Ashim, Zhalgas Ertai, Zhandos Naushabayev and Ruslan Sarsembayev.

All arrangements by Adilzhan Tolykpayev and Akmaral Zykayeva
Recording engineers: Darkhan Esetov, Birzhan Sankaibayev
Mixing and sound programming by Akmaral Zykayeva
Mastering by Metropolis Studios London
Cover art and visuals by Zhanel Sydykova

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