Mergen – TYH

Released December 5, 2017

What if the night reveals our desires?

Dedicated to the memory of my grandfather Adilkhan Zykayev.

Special thanks to my dearest Kim Aliman and big thanks to my family and friends who supported me during all the process of working on this album: Zhandos Naushabai, Azamat and Timur Sayfullaev, Zhanel Sydykova, Dilyara Imangazina, Aigerim Akenova, Stan Lusto, Sasha Medvedev, Timur Mukhtar, Nurbek Matzhani, Zhar Zardykhan, Aiganym Muhamedrahimova, Askhat Zhumagaliyev.

Released December 5, 2017

Music, arrangements, instruments by Akmaral Zykayeva.
Recorded and mixed at Mergenmusic and BMG studios by Akmaral Zykayeva, Almaty 2016.
Mastered by Metropolis studios, London 2016

Cover art:
Styled and dressed by AIKEN
Art director Zhanel Sydykova
Photo by Sasha Gvilia (FilmPhoto)
Designed/retouched by Naushart
MUA by Asem Tyuleubayeva

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